OHU Graduate Julie Gaffney, BSc, RDH is climbing the corporate ladder.

‘Everything happens for a reason’ can definitely be applied to Julie’s career when in 2008 she broke her hand. At the time, Julie was worried that this would be a career-ending injury but it turned out to be the opposite. Her employer obviously could see Julie was talented as he moved her out of the clinic into a marketing position whilst her hand healed. Julie continued to do marketing for another 10 years!

Julie has moved between Canada and USA in a variety of different clinical positions including office manager, educator, orthodontic and pediatric dental hygienist, author and international speaker. She discovered a passion for orthodontics. This passion allowed her to grow as an educator, marketing specialist and then become a prestigious member of Align Technologies Hygiene Faculty where she has been educating teams globally.

Julie wanted to complete her degree as she knew this would be important as her educating career was growing within the corporate world and she graduated from OHU in 2017. She considers her time with OHU, “an amazing experience.” She made a friend in her class who is today one of her best friends!

Julie has not stopped achieving. She is now Director of Clinical Development at Dentalcorps, Canada’s largest DSO where she manages and develops the integration of digital scanning, Invisalign and associated patient education. 

During the global pandemic she has faced a new challenge of working from home in Ontario instead of traveling for 150 days of the year. We are really proud to have Julie in our Alumni and wish her all the best as her career continues to grow.

Here is one of Julie’s articles on using technology to enhance the patient experience and increase patient retention: Click here

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