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Learners Then, Leaders Now

Jolie Denver

“The continued support, encouragement, and terrific instructors are wonderful. Linda is the greatest! I have grown and stretched in ways I did not realize were possible. Thank you for the opportunity to become a better version of myself. “

Nela Lo Bue

“The curriculum is very particular and different from other universities. I have learned about several topics that I can directly use in the practice.”

Andrea Kowalczyk

I do not exaggerate when I say I believe that this program will spark a much needed revolution in the way dental hygienists are educated. The program allows students to study the aspect of oral health that makes sense for them, not a rigidly defined set of courses that may or may not be useful for the individual. The program allows for fascinating interaction with hygienists and instructors from all over the world, and these web based conversations take place (mercifully!) on the weekends at times that work for everyone. The course work is self paced, so I find I can work on it when I have time, whenever that might be.

Samia Touma

Prior to embarking on this journey with OHU I had lost my passion for clinical dental hygiene. I was in a routine that I had not changed for 20 years. Through the practice of reflective thinking I was forced to make the time to look at myself and acknowledge my positive attributions to the practice of dental hygiene as well as recognize the areas that I was deficient. I never would have done this if it were not for OHU. I have recognized that my loss of passion was not about the practice itself but about myself-the learning process at OHU has allowed me to challenge myself, to step out of my comfort zone to strive for better! This experience has reignited my passion to be the best that I can be for my self and my patients!

Jennifer Rinker

Studying with OHU has made me a better clinician overall. My patients started noticing a change in their experience with me within a month after I started the program. They felt the appointments were more effective, they learned more about oral health and learned it in the manner they learn best (thanks to my education at OHU). It’s made me think more about how to promote and make changes in oral health; more than any “standard” schooling has ever done for me. It helped me find my strengths in a way no other educational program has ever done. My patients, employer, and colleagues noticed the improvement in my clinical practice even before I did.

Diana Vasquez

Since completing my BS with OHU, I am more aware of my profession and I am able to see past the clinical aspect of dental hygiene. I am more prepared to lead in my profession with confidence.

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