Dabney Vaccaro BS, RDH

Dabney is the first instructor hired from our graduates to become an instructor.

Dabney Vaccaro, BS, RDH


More About Dabney

Dabney works in a busy general dental practice two days a week. In September 2022, she opened her clinical practice where she sees clients as an herbalist and health coach.  She is passionate about health and wellness and works with her patients and the community to bring awareness of the possibilities to live a better life through lifestyle choices and foods. Here is a link to her personal website

Dabney began her dental career as a front office assistant. Her love for the dental field led her to become an assistant, then four years later, she began her dental hygiene career when she entered the dental hygiene program at the local community college. After graduation, she knew she wanted more knowledge. She started a local study club with other recent graduates to discuss problems and successes in the clinical setting.

As a life-long learner, Dabney had plans to earn her BS Degree even while in hygiene school. She fulfilled that dream when she graduated from O’Hehir University in 2015. She submitted her action research paper titled, “Will my patients notice a difference in their oral health and energy levels if I ask them to give up added sugars for one week?”

Dabney has now added Instructor to her resume, teaching several classes for O’Hehir University.

A bit of fun from Dabney