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O’Hehir University

Bachelor of Science in Oral Health Promotion

The O’Hehir University Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program in Oral Health Promotion is focused on learning to think differently to get different results and utilises our concept of Guided Behaviour Change which has taken several years to develop.  This degree is designed for dental hygienists and dental therapists staying in or moving on from the clinical environment.

Graduates of this program may use the post-nominals: either, BS or BSc.

For dental hygienists and dental therapists


Our Bachelor of Science in Oral Health Promotion is a degree completion program open to licensed or registered dental hygienists and dental therapists. By virtue of licensure/registration, RDH’s have completed the necessary coursework for a BS Degree. In many cases, RDH’s have the equivalent of 150 contact credit hours, more than enough credits for a Master’s Degree.

The evidence for this, which was published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene can be read here

Convenient times

Class Times

Classes are either Sunday mornings (USA)/Sunday evenings (Europe) or on weeknights (Tuesday/Wednesday) 7.30pm USA East Coast Time.

Registration is open for the next classes starting in January 2023

Six months

Program Length

All classes start when full (5 students) meeting in video conferencing weekly at the above times and run for six months. Each graduating class or cohort of five students works together over a six-month period to fulfil the requirements of graduation.

By choice


The OHU BS degree completion program is not an accredited program, by choice.  To read more about accreditation and why OHU choose to not pursue accreditation, please read more about accreditation here



Tuition for the BS Degree Completion Program is currently $4,448.00

There is a $50 non-refundable application fee.  A 6-month payment plan is available including a finance charge. Payments begin when the class starts.


Student Population

Our students come from all over the world. If you have an internet connection, then you will be able to successfully participate in the O’Hehir University BS Degree Completion Program.

Below are some of our graduates

Behavior change experts

Why OHU?

We are on the side of advocates for dental hygienists and dental therapists.

OHU recognizes all the credits earned by Associate or Diploma dental hygienists and dental therapists.  Dental hygiene and dental therapy education should have been granted a BS degree many decades ago, but instead courses were devalued and credit reduced.  In many cases, associate degree dental hygienists are less than one semester shy of what is required for a BS degree in dental hygiene. 

Over the last 10 years we have graduated over 350 dental hygienists in our BS program from all over the world.  They have all produced a research paper based on oral health promotion and behaviour change and created new knowledge within the international research base.

What we expect and what you can expect.

OHU Student Contract

You can read the faculty/student contract here

Still have questions?


Why should an RDH have a Bachelor's Degree?

Completing a Bachelor of Science Degree through O’Hehir University provides dental hygienists with the problem-solving, implementation, and communication skills necessary to advance their clinical career while increasing their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Who can attend O'Hehir University?

Dental hygienists and dental therapists with a diploma, certificate, or associate’s degree who have graduated from accredited dental hygiene or dental therapy program and hold a license or registration to practice dental hygiene and/or therapy are eligible for entry into O’Hehir University. Preceptorship-trained dental hygienists do not qualify for our degree completion program.

Does O'Hehir University offer financial aid?

No, but some dental hygiene associations both state and national offer scholarships that may be applied to tuition for degree completion.

What does the program look like?

We will not attempt to fill your head with facts, principles and useless ideology.  We prefer you to spend your time reflecting whilst you practice and tailor your education to maximizing your potential during weekly online classes.  Students are assigned to a cohort of five students meeting weekly for one hour in virtual video conference calls to discuss the state of oral health today and their project development.  

This type of online interaction fosters discussion, mentoring, and peer review. Students combine reflective learning and academic inquiry with their practical, professional experience to fulfil degree requirements.
This approach to education allows for practical application, better preparing dental hygienists to implement change in their clinical practice environments and in their careers.

Only three books are required: Anxiety Free by Patrick McKeown, Reflective Writing Pocket Study Skills by Willilams, Woolliams, and Spiro, and Health Behavior Change in the Dental Practice by Christophe Ramseier & Jean Suvan. These books prepare students for a new and exciting experience in learning based on reflective and inquiry learning methods.

Students complete a behaviour change project and submit a written thesis. The project implements a small change in their current approach to patients to achieve improved oral health. This project is peer-assessed and submitted as part of the requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree.

What are the technical requirements?

To participate in an OHU Program, you will need:

  • PC or Mac
  • Access to the internet.
  • A webcam.
  • Word processing software – Microsoft Word or Mac Pages.

Who are the O'Hehir University Professors?

You can read all about the faculty here

What is the OHU community like?

O’Hehir University is an international institution and we have a diverse cultural community within our student base and Alumni.  We have graduates from many countries and many have made international friends who they visit in the real and virtual world.

Being online, there are no walls so students are part of a vast and diverse community spanning the globe.  Besides O’Hehir University founders and instructors, student-to-student and alumni-to-student mentorship is an important part of the OHU educational experience.  Students are able to connect online one-on-one at any time to gain advice, discuss lessons or experiences, and work together.

During conferences we always try and meet up with the OHU family and it is great to see our graduates progress in their careers.  The above photo is from an OHU BS graduate soirée at ISDH 2022 in Dublin, Ireland. 

From left to right; Tim Ives, OHU Co-Founder, based in UK, Carmen Lanoway, dental hygienist and public speaker based in Munich, Alison Brown, dental hygienist, adjunct faculty and MSc Student, based in UK, Rafael Rondon, dental hygienist and VP Dental Hygiene Operations at Coast Dental in USA, Trisha O’Hehir, OHU Co-Founder and President, in USA, Lancette Van Guilder (with daughter and husband), dental hygienist and public speaker in USA and Victoria Wilson, dental hygienist and public speaker in UK.