O'Hehir University


O’Hehir University Trained Mentors

Experienced and Trusted Advisers

Our mentors are all qualified dental hygienists or dental therapists who have undertaken our Bachelor of Science in Oral Health Promotion and have had extensive training either through the Post Graduate Mentoring Certificate which has now been replaced with the Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Coaching.

In addition to their education, they are all highly experienced clinicians, experts in behaviour change, and have the required skills and knowledge to guide fellow professionals to achieve their personal goals.

Message from the founders

Trisha O'Hehir and Tim Ives laid the foundation of O'Hehir University.

What an opportunity for you!

We are really excited to be able to present our amazing team of mentors. We can personally recommend each and everyone of them and know that enlisting their guidance will be a positive and rewarding experience. 

Please see who you consider would be best to help you and reach out to them directly.


Roma Czech BSc, RDH


Sabrina Cooper, BSc, RDH