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Master's Degree in Oral Health Promotion

The O’Hehir University Master’s Degree in Oral Health Promotion builds on the skills developed in the Bachelors program to take students to a new and advanced level.  This Master’s program is designed for 21st century dental hygienists and dental therapists who are looking to become experts or a ‘master’ in the promotion of oral health and leaders within or outside of the the dental office.

The degree is designed to view oral health promotion through the lenses of leadership, coaching, writing, facilitating, and presenting, giving the student a 360 degree perspective of the topic whilst developing transferable skills that can be introduced immediately into their professional life.

OHU’s philosophy of teaching and learning leans heavily on reflection of current practices, values and beliefs, critical thinking and behaviour change.  Each student is valued and appreciated for the experience they bring to each class.  They will be involved in peer review and regular class discussions where they will be respected and nurtured.


Curriculum and Chronology

To be awarded a Master of Arts Degree in Oral Health Promotion from O’Hehir University a student is required to take and pass two postgraduate certificates and a project which equal 180 points.  Following the European model, each certificate aligns with the knowledge and skills developed in the previous course and each will take six months. One certificate will lead to an award of a Postgraduate Certificate, two certificates will lead to an award of a Postgraduate Diploma and two certificates and the project will lead to the award of a Master’s Degree.  

Part 1. The Postgraduate Certifcate in Leadership and Coaching (60 points) – began January 2023 and next cohort starts in September 2023. Link here

Part 2. The Postgraduate Certificate in Writing, Facilitating and Presenting (60 points) – goes live in September 2023. Link here

Part 3. Master’s Project (60 points) – course goes live mid 2024

Graduates with one postgraduate certificate may use the post-nominals: PG Cert

Graduates with two postgraduate certificates may use the post-nominals: PG Dip

Graduates with a Master of Arts Degree (two postgraduate certificates & the Master’s project) may use the post-nominals: MA

For Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists


Our Master’s Degree is open to licensed or registered dental hygienists and dental therapists who hold our bachelor’s degree. 

For those dental hygienists or dental therapists requiring a bachelor’s degree, here is a link to our bachelor’s degree program

It is not necessary to currently be in clinical practice. 

Eighteen Months

Program Length

All classes start when full (5 students) meeting for one hour in a video conference weekly and run for six months.  To achieve a Master’s Degree, the postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma and postgraduate project must be awarded which will take a minimum of eighteen months.  There is no time limit to complete all three certificates.

By choice


The OHU Master’s degree completion program is not an accredited program, by choice.  To read more about accreditation and why OHU choose to not pursue accreditation, please read more about accreditation: here



Tuition for each six month post graduate certificate is $2,449.00 (US).  The total for each of the three stand-alone post graduate certificates culminating in a Master’s Degree is $7,347.  A 6-month payment plan is available for each post graduate certificate program which includes a small finance charge. Payments begin when the class starts.

Student Population


Our students come from all over the world. If you have an internet connection, then you will be able to successfully participate in this program.

Behaviour Change Experts

Why OHU?

We are advocates for dental hygienists and dental therapists.

During the past 10 years we have graduated over 300 from all over the world from our BS Degree Completion Program.  They have all produced a research paper based on oral health promotion and behaviour change and shared with us their own experience and expertise.  

Feedback from our graduates is consistently very high. Here is a link to view graduate reviews


Growth and Development

As an OHU graduate, you will have access to the postgraduate community and the opportunity to work with an OHU trained mentor currently in a leadership and/or coaching role.

As you progress in your career, you may become that mentor.

Reserve a spot

How do I apply?

The master’s program started in January 2023, with the Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Coaching.  Please visit this page to discover more information and to reserve your spot. Here is a link

The Postgraduate Certificate in Writing, Facilitating and Presenting goes live in September 2023.  Please visit this page to discover more information. Here is a link

After reading about the above programs, if you have questions, please contact us at: