Master’s Project

This is the final and third part of a master’s degree program. Students must have taken two postgraduate certificates before applying.

The first cohort will begin this course in mid 2024. 


During the first two certificates, postgraduate students, with the help of their classmates and faculty, will have discovered their potential, their passion and they will now have a much better sense of direction. 

Our postgraduate leaders will have an excellent understanding of the research and evidence in the field of oral health and by using their new-found skills in facilitating, writing and presenting, they can now promote oral health in various levels and in different arenas.

They are now in a position to put all of the pieces of the jigsaw together and take on an exciting new project.  Each project will be unique to each individual and will depend on their personal and professional circumstances, and their goals.  Projects may be related to oral health within the dental office, or be related to oral health promotion outside of the dental office. 

The topic of the final project is regularly discussed during the first two certificates and class assignments can be undertaken with one eye on this final project.  This ensures that each student has an idea and a plan in mind before they begin the project.

Postgraduate students, undergoing their final project will not be on their own.  Regular weekly class Zoom meetings ensure they have the support of their class mates and faculty.

They are also able to lean on the support network of 350+ OHU graduates, many are now leaders in the various spheres of dental hygiene.