Continuing Education

LipZip: breathe better to live better

This course is for everyone who is currently breathing! Humans are meant to be nose breathers.

Each module represents a person we have encountered in our practices and travels. Their signs and symptoms and life stories may remind you of friends or family members who are mouth breathers. This is accompanied by all of the related science and how to remedy the various issues.

We have also included our own stories of switching from mouth to nose breathing.  We are both now ‘LipZipped’! 

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Sugar: pure, white and deadly

The power of the sugar industry is not to be taken lightly.  Every year global sugar consumption increases more than the population and every year more and more people become unhealthier and many die as a result.

Approximately 85% of the products sold in a supermarket contain sugar and most people in the Western World are now addicted to this white powder.

We will tell the story from discovery to corruption and include all of the science over several modules.

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