Someone in these two graduating classes this month is our 300th graduate!

One of the graduates from these two classes is our 300th Graduate!

The lucky graduate will be announced during RDH Under One Roof this week and there is a special gift for this lucky person. The winner does not have to be at the conference to claim their gift. If they are not there, it will be mailed out to them. How exciting!

Congratulations to Class 1A-21

Big congratulations to Lorna Byrne RDH, BSc (top centre from New Zealand), Oderonke Ige RDH, BSc (middle left from Canada), Janice DiLeo RDH, BS, (centre middle from USA), Amy Secker RDH, BS, middle right from USA), Nicole Hahn RDH, BS, (bottom middle from USA) and welcome all to the OHU Alumni. Thanks to Dabney Vaccaro RDH, BS (top left) for getting the class to the finish line.

Congratulations to Class 1B-21

Big congratulations to Tiffani Dickey RDH, BS, (top right), Kimberly Raterman RDH, BS, (bottom left), Jennifer Rothenberg RDH, BS, (bottom centre) and Jody Randall RDH, BS, (bottom right) all from USA. Welcome all to the OHU Alumni and thanks to Dabney Vaccaro RDH, BS, (top middle) for your excellent facilitation.

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