Exciting New Course at OHU

Leading & Coaching Behavior Change in Healthcare Teams

At OHU we now have over 300 graduates who have completed their dental hygiene degree with a bachelors degree in oral health promotion. This means within our alumni we have over 300 clinicians with advanced skills in behavior change. Our graduates really understand what it takes to change their own and their patient’s behavior.

We have reached the point where we can take successful behavior change to the next level and create a team of OHU trained behaviour change experts. In April a carefully selected beta class of OHU graduates alongside the OHU faculty begin a new journey together. The goal is to test-run a course where the graduate will lead and coach successful behaviour change in healthcare teams.

Following on from the beta class, the first offical class will begin at the end of the Summer 2022. This course is open to all dental hygienists and dental therapists but priority for this course will go to OHU graduates. It will last approximately 6 months. Cost is yet to be determined but like our degree completion program, will be affordable and designed to fit in with a busy dental professional. Classes will be a maximum of 5 people meeting every week online in the same style as our degree completion program. We plan to give course graduates the option to have the continuing support of OHU in a new role as a health behavior change coach. More information will be released throughout the Spring and Summer.

Finally we would highly recommend taking our degree completion program first if you are a diploma or associate degree RDH.

If you would like to go on a waiting list and save a place, please email: trisha@ohehiruniversity.com

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