Cathy Delios BSc, RDH

Cathy is training and coaching teams for one of Canada's largest dental service organisations.

Cathy Delios, BSc, RDH


More About Cathy

Cathy is passionate about creating relationships and educating her patients.  A spark ignited in her after spending time at her cousin’s dental laboratory over 25 years ago.  She realized she liked teeth, but more importantly the people who they belonged to!  Starting out as a dental assistant gave her a thorough appreciation of dentistry and the importance of every member of a dental team.  Transitioning to hygiene is where Cathy gained her calling to help people achieve optimal oral and overall health.  Having spent many years in clinical practice she gravitated into management, so naturally, she jumped at the opportunity to participate in a beta class for O’Hehir University’s Leading and Coaching Behaviour Change in Healthcare teams. 

Recently, Cathy pivoted and joined one of Canada’s largest Dental Service Organizations as a technology trainer.  This new, corporate role has provided the opportunity to train and coach teams which has come full circle since obtaining both her BSc and certificate in Coaching Behaviour Change through O’Hehir.

Many new grads are pressured to complete patients “on time” that they miss connecting and educating, which is what ultimately makes our work meaningful and assists patients in achieving health. Cathy’s goal is to provide an environment where hygienists will be inspired and obtain new techniques and confidence to provide exceptional patient care.  She will work to gain insight on questions like; what struggles do you face?  What’s working and not working?  What is something you would like to implement or change?  What value do you believe you bring to your office?    

If you’re looking for a mentor that:

  • is a good listener

  • has 25 years of dental experience from dental assisting, hygiene and management

  • is honest and non judgmental 

  • understands the dynamics of a dental team and can offer creative solutions to work with others

  • is approachable and passionate about dentistry

  • will provide a caring environment conducive to learning, growing, and behaviour change

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